A one night trial stay is required for new customers


At Stowe Kennel Kare, our goal is to ensure that your pets have a great time in a safe and loving environment.  One of the issues that we take very seriously, however, is our vaccination policy. No amount of precaution and care can guarantee the prevention of communicable diseases, but in order to minimize the risk of your pet being exposed to anything contagious any pet that visits us (whether for an hour or a week) must be current on the following vaccinations.

Rabies – Written vet documentation must include expiration date as well as date administered.

Bordetella – This vaccination (against Canine Cough) might not normally be given unless your vet knows that your pet will be boarding. Please be sure that you request this vaccination. It is good for one year (although new information suggests six month vaccinations might provide better protection for pets that are frequently around other pets). Since pets are at greater risk of contracting bordetella or having a reaction immediately after receiving the vaccination, it must be administered at least TWO WEEKS PRIOR to your scheduled stay at Stowe Kennel Kare. This vaccination can be administered via a shot, or as an intranasal spray.

DHLPP – This combination shot is generally good for one year although some manufacturers are producing three year vaccinations. If your DHLPP is for three years, the documentation from your vet must explicitly indicate that fact.

Canine Influenza - While we do not currently require this vaccination, we highly recommend it.


Since we are located in a rural setting, we require that your pet be on a flea and tick preventative when staying at Stowe Kennel Kare. We have never had a flea infestation and we would like to keep it that way. We check all incoming guests for fleas before check-in.

All boarders must be spayed or neutered


We have gone to great lengths to make our kennel as friendly and comfortable as possible. Boarders must be well socialized and friendly with our staff. We understand that some dogs prefer the company of humans to other dogs and that is not a problem. If they do not get along particularly well with their four legged peers we are happy to play with them on a one on one basis throughout the duration of their stay.

If your dog is aggressive towards humans, they will not be admitted into the kennel.

If your dog is a chewer, please let us know at the time of check in. We outfit all of our kennels with beds and will remove items from your dogs kennel that can potentially be destroyed.

All dogs must be housebroken. We understand that accidents happen occasionally but if dogs continually do their business in the kennel it becomes unpleasant for everyone.

At drop off time you must provide us with a local contact that is able to transport your dog in case of a medical emergency.